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The Chef Pad


With the ChefPad Pro, we have created a digital recipe device that will transform restaurant operations into a virtual “Paperless Kitchen”.
The ChefPad Pro can be placed in front of the cutting board while the cook is producing meals on the line, and the prep cook can use it in the back of the house. Recipe updates will simply be transmitted from the company’s corporate office or back of house computer, and then downloaded via a WiFi Internet connection. The touch screen will have an easy to use menu and it will be battery powered and temperature resistant so that it can be taken into the walk-in cooler or dry storage to gather ingredients for the recipe. Additionally, the ChefPad Pro is an effective training tool beyond the kitchen when used for server and bartender training. ChefPad Pro and its revolutionary technology will make an immediate positive impact on any restaurant operation.


The Options


ChefPad Pro’s kitchen tool can simplify any operation with options that can be customized to your individual needs. We can offer a system that couples our cutting edge recipe software with a tablet that we have researched and tested in the rugged commercial
kitchen environment with excellent results.

Based on our extensive kitchen operations experience we recognized that the tablet needed to meet certain criteria for water, dust, vibration and shock resistance, be able to operate in a wide range of environments from freezer to cook line and last, but not least, be cost effective. Therefore, we developed a relationship with a large technology company based in Taiwan, IMobile, to manufacture an affordable, custom tablet to meet our rigid standards. The IMobile tablet, time and again, has consistently met and exceeded our expectations by demonstrating its reliability in the everyday severities of a kitchen environment including the extremes of being left on a hot stove top
and penetration by a kitchen knife.

We believe that by offering and supporting a complete program with both the software and hardware we are uniquely positioned to provide our customers with a TKS (Turn Key Structure) that is efficient, affordable and the easiest way to get results fast. However, our software has been custom designed to work on any windows device and can be purchased separately.

The Advantages

ChefPad Pro has been proven to be a very valuable tool in controlling costs and improving quality in test markets. Very few, if any, new tablets have been able to meet the demands of these wide-open audiences.




 • Recipe Integrity

• Notification of recipe updates

• Prep Kitchen

• Bar Recipes

• Server Training

• Cashier Training


Management Tools


 • Line Checks digitally transmitted to supervisors

• Manager Opening and Closing Checklists

• Quality Assurance validation for local and state agencies


HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points)


 • Completely portable

• Label Printing to ensure accountability and shelf life adherence

• Temperature Control with Bluetooth technology

The Customer


The target customer is virtually anyone in the fast growing $500 Billion food service industry from QSR to Fine Dining with Hotels and Casinos sandwiched in between. With our device there are benefits to almost every aspect of the food & beverage service industry. For the small local chains it makes it easier to run specials and keep recipes and training organized. The large corporate chains are able to do multiple new menu roll outs without expensive color printing, postage and management time in updating recipe manuals.

The Competition


We believe that ChefPad Pro offers a cutting edge technology that is unique to the market place. Currently, competitive tablets are either Apple IPads that are primarily utilized in the front of the house due to the lack of functionality in the rugged environment of a kitchen or a fixed KDS (Kitchen Display System) that is part of an overall POS system that ends up being a much larger investment.

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